Six years ago I was walking the California coast on a quiet sunny morning with my only daughter on the last day of an impromptu beach trip. We wandered in separate directions for some reflection time. Leaning against some weathered driftwood, I began aimlessly drawing in the sand and found myself writing the word, “untethered”. My subconscious was gently wrapping my awareness around the fact that I was about to be completely alone again after 18 years  - my only daughter was off to college in the coming days - and fully free to choose how to live in each moment.

While the idea of becoming untethered was exhilarating for me, my daughter thought it was mildly frightening. This snapshot memory surfaced recently when an opportunity presented itself and I chose to release myself once again. I’m choosing a wild adventure - leaving a fabulous classroom teaching career behind to become a full-time artist without a studio (for a while), and move from my Tahoe home to live in both Alaska and Panama!

I’m at the trailhead of this journey now, living in a camper enjoying the last Tahoe summer before my husband, two dogs and two paddle-boards take off for Central America, and feeling the exhilaration and small moments of anxiety around the unknowns. But like that previous memory, the excitement fuels creative sparks and leads me toward the thrill of unexplored paths. Figuratively, this blog is a new endeavor already! And literally, I can’t wait to be artistically inspired in the mountains, meadows, and beaches of two new and extreme environments. And I look forward to walking those places with my now-adult daughter and chatting about the joys of letting go…

Wishing you happily untethered moments!

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